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Negotiation Skills & Enrollment Conversations – Leading from the Heart

How often would you put expert negotiation skills to good use? You don’t have to be in bi-lateral talks striving for a peace accord to require negotiation skills. You are negotiating all day, every day, whether you know it or not, or how else would the trash get taken out?

Whether deciding who will do the dishes, applying for a promotion at work, or standing up for what you believe in the face of differing opinions, your day to day endeavors are filled with negotiations. You use negotiation and messaging skills to enroll others in your vision, and powerfully communicate your point of view. Learn to negotiate and articulate your message like an expert.

In this webinar we will be joined by special guest Cheryl Geoffrion, an expert negotiator, facilitator, and coach in sales and negotiation skills, and leadership development, who has trained leaders in Fortun 100 companies with great success. Learn how being led by your heart makes you a better leader and an expert negotiator, no matter your job title or what you position in the hierarchy appears to be.